About us

DIOPTIC Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a Canadian drug manufacturer who specializes in providing the highest quality pharmaceuticals for vision care.

Our portfolio of ophthalmic products includes:• Diagnostic Strips • Anesthetics • Anti-Infectives • Steroids • Lubricants • Irrigation solutions

DIOPTIC Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Ontario.

MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide consumers and professionals with niche and innovative ophthalmic treatment options to enable a better quality of life.

QUALITY POLICY Our quality policy is to provide vision care specialists with safe, effective and pure pharmaceuticals that meets all the applicable international and national standards.

We strive to achieve our quality policy by implementing: • Strict quality management procedures • Employing state-of-the-art technology • Continuous process improvement

And most importantly, our management and employees are committed to ensuring that our quality policy is implemented throughout the company so we can fabricate pharmaceuticals which are safe and effective.